Tuzla Brain Week

Tuzla Brain Week is a traditional project implemented by Student Council of Medical faculty in Tuzla “MEDICUS” for years now, and was created by the idea of students willing to work on a promotion of neuroscience. It is also a (bio)medical student congress.

If you are currently developing a research in the biomedical field, do not miss the opportunity to present your paper. The abstract should be written in English language with up to 300 words.

Some of the topics that may be your inspiration are: neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neurology, neurosurgery, neuroimaging, neuropathology, molecular neuroscience, neuropsychology, neural engineering, computer neuroscience, neurophilosophy, cultural neuroscience and other fields of medicine in your domain of interest (surgery, internal medicine etc.).

Please read our Author Guidelines before submission.

Abstract submission deadline: 14.02.2020. - 23:59:59